Media witnesses the last "A" model

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  • By 1st Lt Paula Bissonette
  • Public Affairs
The last T-38A sorties flew Tuesday and up with them went media from the area, television news and newspapers.
Marianne Silber, KOCO channel 5 reporter and Kevin Hassler, Enid News and Eagle associate editor, both went up in the improved version of the T-38, the C model and accompanied the last T-38A sortie.
The T-38A has been the instrument to help graduate nearly 20,000 pilots since the first one in class in 64-H on June 25, 1964.
The media Team Vance trained and put in the aor Tuesday had several good things to say about the flight.
"It was definitely a rush," Mrs. Silber said. "It was so much fun I want to do it again."
The first T-38 arrived on Vance AFB April 15, 1963 and it has helped train international, US and astronaut pilots.
The Enid News and Eagle also had an editor fly to record the last T-38A flight.
"I'm read to fly again," Mr. Hassler said. "I enjoyed every minute of it. It makes me realize how difficult it is to fly (military jets), even when Team Vance pilots make it look so effortless."