Defenders of you, the Force!

  • Published
  • By Maj. L. Michelle Stringer
  • 71st Security Forces Squadron commander
Love us, hate us, we're there, regardless. In the best of conditions, in the worst of conditions, we're there, regardless. When you need us, you love us. When we are there when you wish we weren't, you hate us.

We are Security Forces. We defend you, the Force. Whatever needs done, we're there, anywhere, anytime, we're there. We work with military working dogs, weapons, control entry onto the base, guard aircraft, ride in patrol cars and fly surveillance aircraft. 

We are trained in law enforcement, security and infantry skills and are tasked with defending the base upon attack. Whether we are at home, forward deployed, integrated into Army units, corrections facilities or prisons, Security Forces are on post, making a special and unique aspect of the mission happen. 

Providing for the safety and security of our people and our resources is what we are all about. On the surface our mission seems so incredibly simple to understand, yet so complex at the same time. 

The Security Forces career field has one of the smallest ratios of commissioned to enlisted Airmen. What this means is that enlisted Airmen and noncommissioned officers must be counted on, and committed, to making the mission happen. They must often be self-reliant and motivated by the simple desire to defend the Force. 

The threats to our Air Force are real and ever evolving. The asymmetric threat that is faced daily in our ongoing Global War on Terrorism compels each and every Security Forces member to commit to being mentally and physically able to "See first, understand first, act first." 

And though protecting the force is every member's duty in that "Every Airman is a sensor"-- it is that cop on flight who, according to Air Force doctrine, is wholly entrusted to take purposeful actions to mitigate, defeat, or destroy threats against Air Force interest on a continuous or periodic basis. 

Cops cannot be in several places at once and we are stretched thin. We rely on augmentees and you for support. That support can be as simple as making a phone call about something unusual or odd. We put pieces together like a puzzle so we can anticipate the next move or make a prediction.

We converse with the Anti-terrorism officer, Office of Special Investigations and with local law enforcement agencies. It is a team effort to defend you, the Force. 

Remember, Security Forces are all-weather fighters. Hot, cold, rain or snow -- we are on duty to defend you, the Force. When driving on base, be aware that while you are enjoying your heater or air conditioner inside the car that the Defenders are out in the weather defending you, the Force.