Enjoy deserved family time

  • Published
  • By Col Mike Callan
  • 71st Flying Training Wing
Team Vance -- you've all earned this four-day weekend!
As we prepare to celebrate the birthday of our great nation and enjoy an Air Education and Training Command Family Day (totalling a whopping four-day weekend), let me take the time to reflect on where we've been and where we're going!
Tactically, Team Vance busted down the 2004 door with a bang -- we began demolition of our 54 enlisted homes for reconstruction, began major construction projects basewide, continued our "on-time" student graduation rate while flying thousands of hours and sorties safely, continued to give fantastic medical and dental care to our almost 5,000 beneficiaries, and welcomed dozens of new Team Vance members via our fantastic First Term Airman Center and Newcomer's programs.
Operationally, Team Vance continued deploying dozens of dedicated expeditionary Airmen to our Air Force's Air and Space Expeditionary Force and United Nations efforts, witnessed dozens of Vance Air Force Base military personnel get promotions that were certainly well earned (including an incredible promotion to CMSgt for Kent Wilkinson), said goodbye to many of our warriors as they changed stations to serve our nation in other vital hot-spots around the globe, and welcomed several new commanders to the Vance AFB team.
Strategically, we continued to design numerous Civil Engineering projects for Vance AFB's future, worked the plethora of issues related to bringing the T-6 Texan to the Vance AFB flight line in Jan 2005, and saw our nation rededicate itself to bringing democracy to Iraq and to fight the war on terrorism with increasing passion until the job is complete.
Wow -- if anyone deserves a four-day break, it's you Team Vance!
The future looks just as exciting! We will continue to support our expeditionary Air Force and take care of their families as they deploy. We will say goodbye to some great commanders who have shaped their units in so many great ways and will welcome new commanders to the team, and continue to train our student pilots the core fundamentals of flight via a strict adherence to regulatory guidance using a disciplined operational risk assessment process. Safety in everything we do will remain our number one concern, and remaining physically, mentally and spiritually fit will be paramount to our ability to accomplish our mission so successfully.
Please take the upcoming four-day weekend to safely celebrate our nation's birthday, and do exactly what the AETC commander, the 19th Air Force commander and I want all of you to do this upcoming weekend -- spend some quality time with your family! Be safe, take care of your wingman and return back Tuesday ready for action!!