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  • Ruffin takes command of the Ghostriders

    Lt. Col. Kenyatta H. Ruffin assumed command of the 71st Operations Support Squadron during a ceremony held May 14 in the Greven Crosswinds Club.
  • Former Vance wing commander flew slot, right wingman with Thunderbirds

    Gen. Lloyd “Fig” Newton was the first African-American pilot in the U.S. Air Force Aerial Demonstration Squadron, the Thunderbirds; and was wing commander of the 71st Flying Training Wing at Vance Air Force Base, Oklahoma.
  • Mental Health Awareness Month: Resiliency, wellness

    The goal of the Wellness and Resiliency Program is to help ensure there is a resilient community being built and maintained throughout all areas of a wounded warrior’s life to include their physical, spiritual, mental and social fitness. During COVID-19, the team assists warriors, caregivers and staff cope with the mental stresses a pandemic can cause.
  • T-38 squadron changes commanders during four-ship formation over Oklahoma

    On Friday, May 8, the 71st Flying Training Wing wrote a new chapter to its storied past by reimagining the traditional change of command ceremony and giving it wings. The 25th Flying Training Squadron changed hands during a four-ship formation flight of T-38s somewhere over Oklahoma.
  • Former wing commander led first overseas deployment of B-2 bomber

    In difficult times such as these, taking a look back at the outstanding Air Force leaders who earned their wings at Vance Air Force Base can provide not only a sense of stability, but also hope. One such leader is Maj. Gen. Douglas L. Raaberg.