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  • Seen it done before (1 of 3) - Confidence

    The day was overcast but breezy. She was struggling to survive in the cold but doing her best. I was only 10 years old but had seen it done before. Covered in mud, I pulled. She pushed. And a baby bull calf was born before my eyes.
  • Riding a roller coaster with camera in hand

    “I doubt that plane will make me throw up. I have a strong stomach.”
  • Reflections on an Air Force career

    There are many reasons people enlist in the military. Whatever those reasons are, they are usually most important at the beginning. As time passes and one matures, you learn to appreciate many other aspects of military service.
  • Know that you are ready

    There are Vance Airmen, current and alumni, playing a critical role in the day-to-day fight to decimate ISIS.
  • The secret to success in the Air Force

    What is it that makes an Airman great? It is simply showing up every day with pride and enthusiasm.
  • Building officers of character

    It is easy to get distracted from spending enough time teaching our junior officers how to lead, first themselves and then each other, in preparation to lead the subordinates for whom they will eventually be responsible.
  • What leaders need to do to lead

    Leadership is both science and art. Holistically, leaders do a lot for an organization and it seems challenging to concisely describe what they do.
  • Moral courage

    Social media, the blogosphere and the speed of the internet have accelerated the feedback loop to unbelievable speeds. People often pass judgment or offer their opinions without having, or even caring to have, the complete picture of a given situation.
  • LGBT -- Serving with pride

    I am an American Airman. I am a warrior. I have answered my nation’s call. I am a wingman, a photojournalist and a husband. I am gay.
  • A modern military marriage

    Six years and four months ago I married my husband. I was 19 and completely ignorant to the commitment I just made.