Senior Airman Sigmund Tanseco in Silver Talon spotlight for January

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  • By Silver Talon Honor Guard
  • 71st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Hometown: Union, N.J. 

71st Medical Operations Squadron 

Duty title:
Aerospace Physiology Journeyman 

Time on Silver Talon Team:
Fifteen months

What has been the best part of serving on the Silver Talon team?
"Getting a chance to honor those who served and representing the Air Force as a whole during special ceremonies."

What do you enjoy about the Air Force?
"I like the fact I get to work and interact with true professionals, which isn't always the case in the non-military world."

Off-duty interests:
"Rock band, watching sports, going out with friends, playing guitar and driving my car."

Do you have any words for those who would be interested in joining the Silver Talon Honor Guard Team?
"Serving as a guardsman is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life. I have always been proud to be in the Air Force, but that pride grew even more after joining the Honor Guard. You get an entirely different perspective about what the military is all about. I find myself holding my head a little bit higher."