Check your lines: Proper carry of backpacks, purses

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Ruben Gonzalez
  • 71st Flying Training Wing Command Chief
As promised, (, I want Team Vance to check its lines.

This week, I ask you to check your lines on bags. Examine your own, and check your Wingmen.

From our dress and appearance guide, AFI 36-2903, there are two main points to remember. If you are carrying a backpack, purse, attachè case, gym bag or hydration system, it must be in your left hand or on your left or both shoulders. Simple key - if it interferes with rendering a proper salute, you're doing it wrong.

The second point is color. You're always good with black. Attachè cases can only be black. Gym bags can be black or dark blue. Backpacks must be black with the blue uniform. Black, olive drab or woodland camouflage go with BDUs.

Black, olive drab and Air Force sage green go with the ABU. Carry items in the ABU pattern are also allowed with the ABU uniform.

A conservative manufacture's logo is allowed. Key word there is conservative.

When questions arise, local command interpretation takes precedent.

For Airmen who carry purses, the color is black, clasps can be silver or gold, and medium size is best. For specifics, refer to AFI 36-2903.

Thanks Team Vance for checking your lines!