2nd Lt. Lawrence Melnicoff in Silver Talon Spotlight

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  • By Silver Talons Honor Guard
  • 71st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Hometown: Pembroke Pines, Fla.

Organization: 71st Operations Support Squadron

Time on Silver Talon Team: Two months

What do you like about being a member of the base Honor Guard?
I sought out the base Honor Guard because I enjoy the opportunity and the duty to protect our heritage, pay proper respect to previous generations and learn to embody our traditions. Being a member of the team reminds me of what it is to be American and gives me time to reflect on our stars and stripes.

What do you enjoy about the Air Force?
The Air Force has introduced me to many great friends and mentors and is helping me lay the foundation of a life in service to our great nation. I particularly enjoy the opportunities to excel and distinguish myself. Even as a casual student, I have managed to find responsibilities and feel like I'm contributing to the mission.

Off-duty interests:
I enjoy spending time with my wife. Mostly I enjoy my religious studies, tutoring mathematics, playing the viola and violin, and collecting and trading in numismatics (coin collecting). I currently spend a lot of time with home repair and continuing education and am looking forward to adding two new members, pets, to my small family.
Do you have any words for those wanting to join the Silver Talon Honor Guard Team?
From what I've seen, Honor Guard is an experience that every service member should part take in, if only for a tour. With the Silver Talon's you'll get to explore what it truly means to be a service member, from paying respects to our flag, to laying our fallen brethren to rest. It's a great opportunity to re-blue.