A poem for the U.S. Air Force's 73rd birthday celebration

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class ZoĆ« T. Perkins
  • 71st Flying Training Wing Public Affairs


"Second to None"

The sky is never the limit. It never has been, never will be. 
If we take a look throughout our Air Force history,
Our journey began long ago as a part of the Army Signal Corps.
We prepared for aviation during the First World War.

It’s been 100 years since we first took flight
In the Signal Corps No. 1 aircraft, delivered by Orville and Wilbur Wright. 
From there we shed our Aeronautical Division
And became the Army Air Corps, continuing the mission,

Defending our ground troops, protecting our freedom,
And delivering supplies to those who needed them.
We continued to improve in our primary flight training,
While learning procedures for repairing and maintaining.

By the time World War II came, we were ready for attack.
When confronted by enemies, we were ready to fight back.
We couldn't have done it without our advances in aviation.
From 1909 we put in so much hard work and dedication 

Into becoming an independent Air Force, protecting our nation
Against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
Supporting our ground troops, when our presence was requested.

We were redesignated the Army Air Forces, June 20, 1941
Which was just in time, as WWII had begun.
After the war, Sept. 18, 1947, we would
Separate from the Army, as the world’s greatest Air Force.

To this day we still aim high to fly, fight and win
Especially at Vance, where our future pilots begin.
We train to continue the Air Force mission 
Delivering great pilots, that is our vision.

Say it loud. Vance Proud.