Vance Fitness Center boasts new, improved equipment

  • Published
  • By 2d Lt. Agneta Murnan
  • 71st Flying Training Wing Public Affairs
Fitness enthusiasts at the Vance Fitness Center will find more than 14 peices of new equipment to help them reach their fitness goals. 

The new equipment is designed to aid Vance personnel who follow the 'CrossFit' regimen. These short, intense exercises vary with the 'workout of the day.'

"People can adjust these workouts to fit their individual fitness levels by changing dynamics like repetition and weight," said Col. Chris Nowland, 71st Flying Training Wing commander. 

Maj. Todd Dyer, instructor pilot in the 3rd Fighter Training Squadron, with a team of five others, secured and installed the new equipment to maximize participation and enthusiasm for fitness activity at Vance. 

The new equipment includes kettlebells, medicine balls, four sets of gymnast rings, two rowing machines, a double-dip stand, a glute-ham developer, two squat racks, bumper plates and a set of Plyo-boxes. 

"The equipment is centrally located," Major Dyer said. "You can move quickly from one set of equipment to another, from squats to pull-ups for example, while keeping your heart rate up." 

Near the equipment is an informational sheet offering workout options for the equipment, along with a white board for people to post their times and workloads throughout the week. According to Major Dyer, this is only the beginning. 

"We still need to improve the pull-up bar setup and increase the availability of training. Eventually, we expect the Fitness Center to offer classes, so we can introduce people to the shorter, more intense workouts," Major Dyer said. "Until then, we have started the movement and are hopeful that word of mouth and leading by example will help spread a revolution in Team Vance's fitness," he said. 

The commander stressed the importance of fitting regular exercise into a daily routine.
"The workouts are usually shorter than 30 minutes, which fits well into the hectic military schedule," Colonel Nowland said. "Fitness needs to be part of one's daily regimen, and the new additions to the fitness center make it easier for people to maximize their time and level of training, whatever their exercise routine that day."