High-efficiency boilers save energy

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Nancy Falcon
  • 71st Flying Training Wing Public Affairs
A reliable supply of energy is not only important in everyday life, but also for the Air Force mission. During energy action month, Vance put its efforts into boiler replacements.

"We looked at our oldest and least proficient boilers, picked the number and came up with five buildings that needed new ones," said Richard Hautekeete, an energy manager at Vance.

The old boilers were replaced with new, high-efficiency units. Some buildings, like the simulator building, 672, went from one to two.

"Building 672 had one large older boiler, and when you're in seasons like fall and you have one, it's either on or off," said Hautekeete. "So it's not very efficient when you don't need that much heat. We put in two boilers for when you only need one running which will help save energy."

According to Hautekeete, the old equipment was over 20 years old. Conducting regular maintenance on the boilers helped them remain functional past their standard life span.

"The old boilers estimated to work at an 80 percent efficiency rate with seasonal efficiency at 65 percent," said Hautekeete. "These new ones have an efficiency rate of 95 percent with seasonal efficiency at 88 percent. We gained 23 percent!"

Vance also replaced inefficient water heaters in the unaccompanied officers quarters.