Foreign travel briefings now available through the Air Force Portal

  • Published
  • By Special Agent Richard Ospina
  • Det 438, Air Force Office of Special Investigations
VANCE AIR FORCE BASE, Okla. -- As foreign travel increases within the Department of Defense, the risk of foreign intelligence targeting also increases.


While you can be the target of a foreign intelligence or security service at any time and any place, the possibility of becoming the target is greater when you travel overseas.


To better serve active duty Air Force members and DOD civilian employees, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations has streamlined the foreign-travel briefing program.


Those who travel to overseas locations should receive foreign intelligence threat briefings and anti-terrorism briefings from AFOSI prior to their departure.


The old system of providing foreign travel briefings was not designed to deal with the current volume of Air Force members’ foreign travel. AFOSI decided to develop a better process.


The new system is web-based and available through the Air Force Portal. A foreign travel pre-brief slide presentation, pre-brief survey, debrief survey and the AFOSI foreign travel guide are available.


Air Force members are required to complete a foreign travel pre-brief survey any time they travel abroad and should include each country they intend to visit.


Threats to Air Force members are ever-changing and using the pre-brief and debrief survey helps AFOSI determine the most appropriate forum for a briefing given current threat postures at specific travel destinations.


The surveys are vital in protecting Air Force personnel and resources. Completing them each time a member travels abroad is important. The first step in successfully defending against a threat is to understand the threat.


Use “foreign travel” in the Air Force Portal search field to locate the new foreign-travel briefing program.


For more information, contact the Vance AFOSI office at 213-6068.