Preparing for the worst improves resiliency

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  • 71st Installation Support Squadron Emergency Management

VANCE AIR FORCE BASE, Okla. -- The National Preparathon Campaign is a Federal Emergency Management Agency led grassroots campaign that is designed to increase preparedness and resiliency for the United States.

The Department of Defense and Vance Air Force Base are taking a proactive approach in the local campaign plan.

There are three goals for the campaign. The first is to know which disasters could happen in your community.

The Vance Office of Emergency Management will be partnering with the County Emergency Management director to educate folks on the types of threats likely to impact Enid and surrounding communities.

Another goal of the campaign is to know what to do to be safe and mitigate damage during an emergency.

Emergency management is reaching out to the local public school system to inform the youth of Enid of things they can do to protect themselves.

The final goal of the campaign is to participate in community resilience planning. Vance has taken a monthly approach to this issue and has hosted Emergency C2 tabletop exercises in preparation for the upcoming airshow in July.

These exercises are focusing on incident support actions that will be coordinated through the Emergency Operations Center. Local community fire departments, police departments and hospitals are also attending to plan for emergency situations.

Base agencies are providing information on potential hazards and responses through Unit Emergency Management representatives.

The advance efforts in planning and education are geared toward improving resiliency and preparedness for both Vance and Enid.