Thank you for the many blessings, friendships

  • Published
  • By Col. Richard Murphy
  • 71st Flying Training Wing
To the men and women of Team Vance, thank you for the great support you provided me and my family during my time as vice wing commander. The size of Vance allows leadership to meet and know just about everyone involved in our mission. That experience has been amazing.

As I reflect on the last 20 months, I'm very proud to have been a part of this team. Before turning my focus to my assignment as commander of the 12th Flying Training Wing at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas, I want to pass on a few takeaways from my experience at Vance.

First of all, your leadership across the Air Force cares about you and your families; they understand your sacrifices and those of your family. In today's world of balancing shortfalls, tough decisions are made every day. But rest assured, concern for the well-being of the 'Air Force Family' is unceasing.

So, what is the takeaway? There is no other organization in the world that expends more resources for our families than the military. We provide for families so you can focus on the mission. We hope you agree, no one does it better than the Vance.

Our mission would fail without execution through teamwork. Think of it like a football team. If every player is not playing in concert, the team doesn't have a chance to win. Every position on the team is crucial to success -- offense defense, special teams, coaches -- even the practice squad.

Take a minute to think about this point, especially when our military is not playing a game but delivering lethal effects to our nation's enemies. There is no room for less-than-exceptional mission execution. What makes Vance special is we train with our joint partners from the beginning and develop critical relationships early.

Whether active duty, reserve, government civilian or contract partner, develop those solid relationships now so our execution in the future is flawless -- when it counts.
In my role as vice commander, I supported Col. Chris Nowland's command of the Wing, his priorities and vision for moving the Wing forward as a team. One of those priorities was contract compliance.

A big part of our mission is accomplished by our contract partners working together toward a common mission goal. That means both the contractor and government personnel need to execute the mission effectively according to our contractual agreement.

At Vance, we are blessed with an experienced contractor workforce living among us in the same tight community. The pride in mission success at Vance is shared and fierce, no matter which position you play on our team. Continue to support each other as teammates and support the priorities of your leadership.

The highlight of our tour was working with and getting to know many of you and your families. Cathy and I absolutely enjoyed our tour at Vance because of the great bond we have with our Vance family.

When you consider other options for employment, I do not know of any other organization that has the same values, culture and dedication to duty than our military. I am proud to be serving alongside you defending our nation. Thank you for the many blessings, friendships and commitment to our Vance family.