Use judgment, heart when sending season's Tweetings

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt. Agneta E. Murnan
  • 71st Flying Training Wing Public Affairs
The holidays are fast approaching and social media offers us wonderful ways to connect with people around the world. On major holidays, my phone lights up with batch text messages of well wishes, and if it proves hard to get cards out the door every year, those free E-cards with graphics and holiday jingles are awesome. Electronic wish lists have made shopping for some of my family members a cinch.

I scanned through a United Services Automobile Association magazine recently, and I saw a tip offered for home safety--don't "tweet" (put out personal updates on Twitter) while traveling. It isn't hard to imagine that there are folks out there who would take advantage of knowing you are out of town for a while. It would be pretty obvious that no one is home watching your belongings in Oklahoma if you tweet "just went surfing!"

What are the privacy settings on the account? Who is looking at those tweets, the blogs, the Facebook pages? I urge social media participants to check, or check again. Santa Claus certainly does.

Using judgement is part of the equation, but I hope we are also all able to take advantage of the many ways to connect with the people we care about. I'd like to offer one more way to connect with deployed Vance Airmen, their families and their friends -- the Vance Facebook page.

Several months ago Vance Public Affairs set up a Facebook account as "Vance Air Force Base" completely spelled out. We now have almost 400 fans. This year we invite friends of Team Vance to take a minute to post a note to our Airmen downrange during the holidays on our Facebook wall.

Deployed members who are users of Facebook will be able to see the wall, whether or not they are fans, and we'll send copies of the wall's content to our deployed Airmen as well. To protect the identities of those deployed, leave out specific names when writing a note. An example might be "Happy Hanukah from Enid to you. We're thinking about you."

If you'd like to write a note or card or even send a care package to deployed troops, visit to find one of many coordinating groups, or contact the Airman & Family Readiness Center at 213-6288.

The holidays bring need for operational risk management in all we do, but many new and special ways to show you care.