Straight Scoop

  • Published
  • By Col. Richard Klumpp, Jr.
  • 71st Flying Training Wing Commander
The Straight Scoop action line is your direct link to Col. Richard Klumpp, Jr., 71st Flying Training Wing commander, for comments or suggestions to improve Vance Air Force Base. Although the Straight Scoop is available, you should always try to resolve problems at the lowest level possible, then follow the chain of command. 

The Straight Scoop action line phone number is 213-7777, or e-mail People requesting a personal response should leave a name and phone number. Messages that appear in the Scoop are without names. 

I just wanted to make the comment. I was just informed by the gym that they will follow the new Air Force Instruction that requires the Fitness Center to have 100 percent daily use lockers. I wanted to say that this is a hardship, because I use the gym at least four to five times per week. I keep my toiletries there, and I shower there quite often. It seems like the decision to deny us the use of personal lockers is from someone who doesn't use the gym very much. I would respectfully request that you reconsider the decision and implement a supplement that would allow us the use of personal lockers. I would even be willing to pay a fee for the use of a locker. I would appreciate a call back if you have the time. 

Response:  We apologize for the inconvenience the change to daily use lockers at the Vance Fitness Center may have presented to our customers. This new requirement is a result of a revision to AFI 34-266, dated Sep. 24, 2007 . As with all AFIs compliance is mandatory and deviations are not authorized.

In addition, we appreciate your willingness to pay a locker fee; however, because lockers are purchased with appropriated funds we are not allowed to charge for the use of the lockers.