Maintenance, quality assurance help flying safety

  • Published
  • By Col Mike Callan
  • 71st Flying Training Wing
Team Vance -- help our aircraft maintainer's and QAs succeed!
As many of you know, we are currently undergoing a very rigorous Maintenance Standardization and Evaluation Team, or MSET, inspection, conducted by the 19th Air Force LG Colonel Doug Freeman, and his team of experts. This is the first of a series of compartmentalized inspections we are to receive in preparation for our expected summer '05 Air Education and Training Command Operational Readiness Inspection. Since both Colonel Wade Johnson and I arrived in August '03, this is the first time our maintainers and quality assurance personnel have been inspected -- and we're expecting a very thorough inspection indeed.
Our flying safety record is INCREDIBLE. Check out these facts: More than 387,212 flying hours flown for more than four years and not a Class A or B mishap; over 277,711 aircraft sorties (most of which are with unqualified student pilots) without a Class A or B aircraft mishap; and over 470,000 takeoffs and landings annually without a Class A or B mishap!! This record of safety success is the result of Team Vance's commitment to excellence (pilots, maintainers, air traffic controllers, fuel specialists, security forces, etc.). I've personally witnessed both operations and maintenance make the "SAFE Call" on countless situations -- bad weather ORM determinations, not putting an aircraft on the schedule in order to positively determine the cause of a discrepancy, proactively schedule weekend flying when either weather or aircraft availability is forecast to be better than current conditions, etc.
Our OUTSTANDING safety record does not just happen by accident (no pun intended) -- our professional ORM approach to flying operations is shared among the entire flying team, and our DynCorp maintenance professionals and QA personnel are a huge reason for our success.
Please take time to offer whatever assistance you can to our maintainers and QA professionals this week as they show 19th Air Force they indeed do have the "right stuff"! This external review of their procedures and identification of "issue areas" are vital to continuing our safety success. I look forward to the debriefing next Monday with Colonel Freeman and his team for a review of our LG efforts -- I know the feedback we receive will be accurate; and in the end, will make us a stronger and safer flying wing!
Enjoy your weekend -- be safe, use alcohol responsibly and take care of your wingman!