VAFB grows with new construction projects

  • Published
  • By Col Mike Callan
  • 71st Flying Training Wing
Team Vance -- just look at how we've grown!
As we enter late October and the beginning of fiscal '05, you'll note we continue through construction projects to upgrade our base's facilities and infrastructure. Of note are our new enlisted homes and the opening of Gott Road.
If you haven't noticed, our new enlisted housing construction marches toward completion in May '05 without hesitation. The first of the new homes are nearing framing completion, and construction workers continue to work on weekends to complete the project on time. I received the first of many briefings from all responsible parties (Col Fred Cheney's staff, the inspector general, legal, public affairs, ALL of the base's chief master sergeants and group first shirts, etc.) regarding this effort, and I'm proud to say I'm getting answers to many questions that need to be answered before we roll out the news that many of you are waiting for. I chaired the first of many meetings last week to discuss how our new 54 new units will be filled, and I've asked Colonel Cheney and Command Chief Jeff Kallas to host a town hall meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday in the base auditorium to brief all interested parties on the housing details. Please make it a point to be there!
Next of note will be our ground breaking for the first step in our effort to increase standoff for our northern perimeter -- the Gott Road extension. The ceremony will be at 10 a.m. Nov. 8, and we are planning to make this a joint event with representatives from the state, the city of Enid and our U.S. Air Force. Gen Don Cook (the AETC Commander) supported Team Vance in obtaining the end-of-year funding to kick off our force protection enhancement, and I'm very excited about getting this first step started. I invite all of you to join me and celebrate this great day for Vance Air Force Base.
Several of the base's other construction efforts are nearing completion including Elam Road along the flight line, parking lots in front of the operations group and the Vance Club and numerous T-6 Texan support facilities. You'll continue to see orange barrels and tape around, but you can easily compare the "before and after" photos and realize (as I do) that we're making Vance AFB's facilities and infrastructure more improved and more capable of supporting our assigned and vital mission.
Please continue to think safety in everything you do, be mindful of fall's arrival and the guaranteed temperature declines to come and think "risk management" to make good decisions on the activities you plan to undertake. Take care of your wingman, learn from our past mistakes and don't fall victim to any alcohol-related events. Keep working on those great and safe Halloween plans with your family.