Funded wing projects on the rise

  • Published
  • By Col Mike Callan
  • 71st Flying Training Wing
Team Vance -- you made another miracle happen!
Many of our civil engineer professionals (under the leadership of John Cole and Col Fred Cheney) have done plenty of homework to posture the wing for CE success. It hasn't been a secret that force protection for our base and its people have been (and will continue to be) a priority during my tenure as your wing commander! To that end, the wing's leadership embarked on a journey of identifying construction projects to be designed, verifying cost estimates and letting Air Education and Training Command know exactly what had to be done at Vance Air Force Base to ensure our continued safety.
Our Force Protection Enhancement is a title that encompasses a plethora of CE projects that are focused on our northern perimeter and getting our security forces the necessary "stand-off" they need to defend us properly. Beginning with extending Gott Road and our main gate to the north, our CE professionals went to work on designing this, and the perimeter fence that will define our northern boundary, a top priority for potential end-of-year fallout money from AETC. In addition to these efforts, we worked hard to look at the many other projects (two new gates, visitor center, vehicle inspection areas, etc.) that were necessary to make our northern perimeter better for our security forces as they will be tasked to man and defend the extended territory.
With all the "I"s dotted and "T"s crossed on the road extension and the fence, we submitted our design efforts to AETC/CE and hoped for the necessary funding. Weeks passed and with no promises of money to come, we rapidly realized the fiscal year was coming to an end soon and we might not be able to get this necessary project off the ground but...
I received an e-mail from the AETC/CE (Col Dave Bird) last Thursday stating the Command had located $1.2 million in funding for our Gott Road extension and $200,000 for our perimeter fence -- WAHOOOO! We were postured for success by our hard work and once again, rewarded by AETC who knows CE excellence when it sees it! Our extension will join up with the city and state funded Southgate extension, and we should be breaking ground in several months.
Our 54 enlisted homes continue to be constructed without delay, numerous road projects are underway to make our base safer to travel, and we now will begin to expand our northern perimeter to assure the safety of our base and its people! My hats off to the entire team for making "another miracle happen!" Enjoy your weekend, and please be safe!!