Poor decisions continue to be made

  • Published
  • By Col Mike Callan
  • 71st Flying Training Wing
Team Vance -- our errors in judgment continue!
Our recent streak of making bad decisions regarding alcohol continued this past weekend when two Team Vance Airmen were arrested -- one for driving under the influence, a DUI, and the other for underage drinking! Additionally, the car was occupied by two other Team Vance Airmen who were questioned during the above-mentioned arrests, but were later released. The incident occurred at another Air Force installation (where we should take relief in knowing they didn't injury themselves or anyone else while behind the wheel after consuming alcohol), and all of the individuals involved have admitted they took little or no action to prevent this TOTALLY AVOIDABLE incident! If my math is right, we had four Team Vance personnel fully aware of the options available to them regarding alcohol-consumption and all failed to be good wingmen!! SAD!!
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, let me review some of the many options that were available to these Airmen, and available to all Team Vance personnel to TOTALLY AVOID any alcohol-related incident from endangering your life (and the lives of others) --
a) Call the Vance AFB Command Post (Comm 580-213-7384/7385)! Tell them who you are, you've been drinking and you need a ride and they will set it up!
b) Call the Vance Against Drunk Driver, or VADD, on-call person! The numbers are 541-RIDE or 541-HOME! They have volunteered to carry the VADD cell phone and are ready, willing and able to make arrangements to take care of you (including coming to get you themselves)!
c) Call your supervisor or commander! Every Team Vance commander stands ready to get you a ride and return you to your residence.
d) Call your PRE-ARRANGED designated driver. Our DUI Airman failed to do this, and look what happened -- if you're going to consume alcohol, you MUST have a responsible plan to avoid getting behind that wheel!
e) Call any taxi company or responsible business owner and they most likely will arrange to get you the help you need!
f) Call a co-worker who hasn't been drinking and get them to help! This contact probably should have been your designated driver, but ensure they can get you back to your residence safely!
g) Finally, call any police organization, tell them your situation and I'd fully expect their help!
If you don't have a plan to take advantage of any of the above-mentioned options, then DON'T DRINK! It's really that simple but no matter what you do, if you've consumed alcohol, DO NOT GET BEHIND THAT STEERING WHEEL! You are unnecessarily putting your life and the lives of everyone else on the road in danger!!
Please ensure that your co-workers have read this article in the hope of understanding that if these alcohol-related incidents continue, we're going to eventually hurt someone -- even KILL someone! The defense of our nation and our ability to succeed at Vance AFB depends on every person being responsible when it comes to alcohol consumption. Please help me in getting this message across to all Team Vance members -- thank you!!