Drunk driving unacceptable

Vance Air Force Base, Okla. -- Team Vance -- zero excuses for getting a DUI!!
Last weekend, one of our own was caught "pushing it up" too much, failed to stop his vehicle when told to do so by the local police department, and finally was eventually stopped and blew a .11 (.08 is the legal limit) on the breathalyzer -- unacceptable!
This is disturbing to me on several levels -- one, every commander and supervisor on Vance Air Force Base has repeatedly told their warriors that "there is no reason for someone who has had too much to drink to ever get behind the wheel of a car or truck," and yet it happened; second, a plethora of options are available to everyone at Vance AFB to drive any member home following a festive night on the town (Vance Against Drunk Driving, the command post, friends drive, call their supervisor or commander, etc.), and yet it happened; third, a successful military career shouldn't be stained with an avoidable DUI on anyone's record, and yet it happened; and finally, driving under the influence of alcohol puts everyone else on the road in danger, and yet it happened!
What makes this incident even more incredible to believe is we just completed an Air Education and Training Command-directed safety day where we "took a step back" and reviewed our safety programs to ensure that we all are using good risk management and emphasized making the "right decision," and yet it happened! To say this Team Vance warrior used bad judgment is an under statement, and he will now have to face a disciplinary process that follows an incident of drunk driving -- a shame!
Please take this lesson to heart and pledge to yourself that this "will not happen to me!" Should you decide to celebrate with alcohol, do not make the same mistake -- don't get behind the wheel! Use the many options at your disposal to find safe and reliable transportation back home, sit it out where you are, or find a ride to a local hotel, and drive your car in the morning! The 71st Flying Training Wing needs all of you to accomplish our mission -- be safe!