Team Vance thanks SFS

  • Published
  • By Col Mike Callan
  • 71st Flying Training Wing
Team Vance -- take time out of your schedule to thank a security forces warrior for their service to Vance Air Force Base!
I'm so proud of the overwhelming support and enthusiasm all of you have shown for our security forces squadron. Our SF warriors garnered the Top SF unit in Air Education and Training Command, and are in finals for the Top SF squadron in the Air Force!! The SF evaluation team that arrived Wednesday couldn't go anywhere on base without seeing the Team Vance pride for our airmen and soldiers defending our base. I'm certain the inspectors will discover what we at Vance AFB already know -- our SF squadron is indeed the "best of the best"!
In putting teeth behind our motto of "Expeditionary Air Warriors Training Tomorrow's Leaders," we continue to deploy warriors around the globe to assist our nation's commitment to fight the global war on terrorism. On Thursday, we deployed a five- person SF team to a classified overseas location (while still having a 13-person team deployed in harm's way)! Our personnel are well-trained, properly equipped, ready and motivated to perform when their feet hit the ground in their deployed location. Warfighter feedback has verified our people continue to perform their assigned missions marvelously!
Maj Mary McCaghren and her squadron then rely on the READY augmentation program to supplement her SF manning to protect Vance AFB. While this is often taken "out of squadron hide," our READY personnel are performing fantastically and are carrying on the "Defensor Fortis" beret motto with pride and professionalism.
I'm very proud of our SF warriors and the job that they do for our nation. Please continue to do business safely and enjoy your weekend!