Conquer fear, live your dream!

  • Published
  • By Col. David Chiesa
  • 71st Medical Group commander
Are you living the Dream?

Do you wake up with energy each morning or do you need an energy drink to get you going?

If you constantly hit your snooze alarm, wake with no energy, low self-esteem, lots of coffee, mountain dew and or energy drinks, drag yourself to work, can't wait for the clock to display quitting time, your body may be telling you something.

Yes, it could be a medical condition, or a busy day or week, but with no underlying conditions and these symptoms are occurring, you may have an ailment called -- lacking purpose.

Merriam-Webster defines purpose as the feeling of being determined to do or achieve something and the aim or goal of a person -- what a person is trying to do, become.

So I ask; do you have purpose?

Absolutely Yes! We all do. It is innate within us. Some of you may have found it and some are still searching but we all have a purpose.

Here's a fact: if you nurture and feed your purpose or dream, it will blossom. If you neglect, ignore or suppress your purpose, it will wither away. But, the good news is it will never leave you.

Each of us is created uniquely. There is no two of a kind. You are the only one with your fingerprint. Our talents, skills, personalities etc. make us all unique. Once you realize this fact, you have opened the door to Purpose -- your big dream

Many think their dream and purpose is to be rich, a professional athlete, a movie-star or even a medical group commander, but if that were the case, society would fall apart.

The world revolves around each person's unique gift to life. If you want to be a professional singer and you cannot carry a tune, then singing may not be your purpose.  However, you can train to be a professional singer. Hard work and perseverance and you can achieve your dream. Evaluate yourself to ensure what you are pursuing excites you.

"How will I know I am following my dream?" 

Here are a few tips: Did you have thoughts as a child of what you wanted to be? When performing in the area of your dream did people compliment you? Does excitement fill your body when thinking of your dream?  Has anyone confirmed "you would be a great (fill in the blank)?

Supervisors, do you know the dreams of those you supervise? If they are still on their journey, are you molding and shaping them into their dream?

Maybe what they are currently doing does not fit their purpose, but it is a step and each step is full of opportunities.

Each layer of leadership should excite and inspire all Airmen toward their big dream.

Perseverance is crucial to attaining your dream.

Many who achieved their dreams have a common theme of failures or difficulties before their success. Thomas Edison was at the point of starvation and working a job to support his moonlighting in his own lab. It took one success to turn the tide.

Mr. Rogers waited 17 years to finally get his first TV show that was a huge success. He was successful, because he was living his purpose -- his dream.

I am blessed to have lived my dream for 26 years. I am ready to begin another journey and dream that's pounding in my heart.

Young or old you are the captain of your ship, and you place the rudder each day in the waters of life to steer the course. It is never too late to start.

Where are you on the path to your big dream? Do you have a plan? Have you set goals? When you face your giants, do you have a mentor to guide you?

Surprisingly, most Americans do not make it to their big dream.

Life's circumstances, excuses, and failures make some steps too difficult to climb or some giant too difficult to conqueror so they settle for the easy path -- or a more comfortable life.

Let that not be said of you! Begin your path to your purpose, your big dream. If you started and lost interest or life got too hard, it's time to rekindle the spark and ignite your dream.