Follow these driving tips to ensure safe holiday travel

  • Published
  • By Wing Safety Office
  • 71st Flying Training Wing
You may be one of the many people who will travel our nation's roadways to see family members or friends this holiday season. When you travel, follow these safe-driving tips.

Preplan your trip, including scheduled rest stops and quiet activities that small children can do in the car.

Leave your itinerary with a trusted neighbor or friend so that someone knows where you are.

Don't overload your car or obstruct your view with suitcases and packages. Consider mailing packages to your destination ahead of time.

Avoid eating a heavy meal before leaving for your trip. An empty stomach will help keep you from feeling tired or sleepy while driving.

Get a good night's sleep before starting on the road.

Follow other vehicles -- especially trucks -- at a safe distance. Remember, if you can't see a trucker's mirrors, he can't see you.

Following these tips can help ensure you have a safe and fun holiday season with family and friends.