Airman 1st Class Christopher Francisco in Silver Talon Spotlight

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  • By Silver Talons Honor Guard
  • 71st Logistics Readiness Squadron
Hometown: Pittsburg, Calif.
Organization: 71st Medical Group

Duty Title: Aerospace Physiology Journeyman

What do you like about being a member of the base Honor Guard?
"Being a member of base honor guard gives me the opportunity to honor and serve fallen brothers and sisters. It also gives me the opportunity to honor and serve my country."

What do you enjoy about the Air Force?
"I enjoy all the amazing benefits that the Air Force has to offer; such as, the educational benefits, the challenging training requirements and the camaraderie."

Off-duty interests:
"Martial arts, computer programming and singing."

Do you have any words for those who would be interested in joining the Silver Talon Honor Guard Team?
"Joining Silver Talon Honor Guard will instill in you a sense of dedication and discipline that will follow you throughout your military career."