Vance's Biggest Losers shedding pounds

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  • By Kate Begiebing
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The first weigh-in took place and the results are in, Vance's Biggest Loser participants are shedding pounds at an extraordinary rate. The 202 participants lost a combined total of 1,024.3 pounds.

The Biggest Loser competition at Vance works much like the hit television version, with teams of three and four people challenging themselves to lose weight. The competition started in January and goes through April 7. 

Each month teams weigh in to see how much weight they lost, and the weigh-in results are combined and calculated into percent of body weight lost as a team. 

First, second and third place prizes are given to the teams that lose the most weight each month, with one team getting a grand prize at the end of the competition. There are also individual awards for the male and female who lose the most weight.

The first place winners for February were Down with Quailridge. In four weeks, Julie Yarbrough, Debbie Shelton, Suzi Castillo and Julie DiNatale lost a total of 37.2 pounds, which was 5.4 percent of their combined team body weight. Each walked away with a fitness trampolines for finishing in first place.

The ladies of Down with Quailridge all live on the same street and have been exercising together for almost two years. The team kicked their workout into high gear once the competition started by working out seven days a week and making healthy eating choices.

"It helps that we are able to all work out together. We've all seen success," Debbie Shelton said .

The ladies routine includes walking on the treadmill, lifting weights and Rep Reebok twice a week. Mrs. Shelton lost half of her personal weight loss goal, and the ladies are well on their way to a big finish.

The second place team, 4 Guys and Some Fat, were not far behind. Larry Fiala, Mark Rodriguez, Donald Blose and Todd Linza lost a total of 45 pounds, or 5.27 percent of their combined team weight. The team will have a little extra help with their workouts because they had the choice between stayballs or mats for their second place win.

The third place team was the Flubber Busters. Dawn Williams, Alisa Teft, Lindsey Wiggins and Heather Weber lost a total of 37.6 pounds, or 5.12 percent of their team body weight. Each received $10 gasoline gift cards for their third place win.

"This event has been a real success here at Vance. Everyone, including people who are not even participating in the competition, are interested in seeing everyone's results," said Kellie Jensen, fitness program manager. 

Prizes for the event were donated by Integris Bass Baptist Health Care, St. Mary's Regional Medical Center, Sears, Starbucks, Gatorade, Katie Barfield, Hollywood Video, Dillards, Crosstown Wireless, Downtown Autoplex, Vance Club and Rural Health Projects Inc. 

The teams have two months left until the Biggest Loser Reveal April 11 at 1 p.m. in the fitness center gym.