Bowl for a Thanksgiving turkey

  • Published
  • By Kate Begiebing
  • Bowling Center
Before purchasing a Thanksgiving turkey this year, Team Vance members are invited to go to the Falcon's Nest Bowling Center and take a shot at winning one.

The Bowling Center is holding their annual Turkey Shoot from Nov. 1 to Nov. 19, when lanes are available. Bowlers who knock down eight pins or more on all eight lanes in succession with one ball will go home with a turkey in time for Thanksgiving.

"The Turkey Shoot is a Bowling Center tradition going pretty far back in history and we'll continue the tradition as long as we can. Bowler's love the challenge," Ken Broder, Bowling Center manager, said.

The Turkey Shoot is one of three shoots the Bowling Center holds each year. The Ham Shoot is held just before Christmas and the Sweetheart Shoot is held before Valentine's Day.

Mr. Broder said he had four winners who took home a bird in time for Thanksgiving last year. The turkeys will be handed out a day or two after the shoot ends Nov. 19.

There is usually a pretty good crowd of participants each year that give it their best shot, he said.

"Sometimes, they think it's easy to knock all the pins down with one bowling ball on each lane, but they find it quite a challenge after all," he said. "It's all great fun every year."

All turkeys will weigh between 16 and 22 pounds, and it will cost $2 per try for each participant.

For more information on the Turkey Shoot, call the Bowling Center at 213-7331.