Safe Ride program takes care of VAFB wingmen

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  • By TSgt M. Davis
  • Public Affairs
Making it home safely is a free cab ride away for Team Vance members thanks to the Safe Ride Home program.
The program is a First Sergeant Council initiative to ensure Vance Air Force Base wingmen get home safely, said MSgt Joe Davis, 71st Mission Support Group first sergeant.
"The wing first sergeants wanted to give people an avenue to receive safe, free and anonymous transportation home from Enid establishments," he said.
Last year, a few base personnel received drinking under the influence of alcohol citations from the local law enforcement agencies. Although the base offers free rides home through the Vance Against Drunk Driving program, people weren't using it because of the perception that it wasn't anonymous. To remedy the situation, the first sergeants signed a contract with Cimmaron Taxi in Enid to give Vance members a free anonymous ride home.
Late last year, wing members were given cards printed with the Safe Ride Home phone number and simple instructions how to use them. When an individual calls for a ride, the taxi driver records the card number only and charges the First Sergeant Council for the ride.
"The taxi will only drive people to areas within Enid," Sergeant Davis said. "The driver will only bring people home -- not from one establishment to another."
This is not just an enlisted program -- every active-duty member at Vance was provided a card, the first sergeant explained.
"I think the Safe Ride Home program is a wonderful initiative at Vance AFB," said 1st Lt Karen Ostrowski, 71st Mission Support Squadron. "My husband and I got a free ride home from the Vance Club. The driver arrived quickly after we called and was very courteous. We were able to have an evening of fun without worrying how we were going to get home. I hope everyone takes advantage of the program to prevent DUI accidents and keep our people safe."
In the future, there maybe other advantages to carrying the card, Sergeant Davis said.
"The first sergeants are also coming up with incentives for members who carry their cards with them," he said. "This is just one more way to look out for our Vance wingmen and take care of the Air Force's most valuable asset -- its people."