Two Vance Airmen Receive Articles 15

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Shafiyquca Gause
  • 71st Flying Training Wing Staff Judge Advocate Office
Two Airmen assigned to Vance received Article 15 non-judicial punishment during the second quarter of 2015.

During the same time, one military member assigned to Vance was administratively discharged.

An Article 15 is a disciplinary measure used to promote positive behavioral changes in service members without the stigma of a court-martial. An Article 15 can be issued for violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice or violations of state or federal laws. 

Punishment under Article 15 can affect promotions, assignments and re-enlistment opportunities.

A second lieutenant was issued an Article 15 for wrongfully having sexual intercourse with a married second lieutenant. This conduct represented a lack of judgment and self-control and was unbecoming of an officer.  The member received forfeitures of $1,000 pay per month for two months, of which one month was suspended, and a reprimand.

An airman first class was issued an Article 15 for dereliction of duties. The member failed to exhibit professional behavior and military bearing while on duty by disrespectfully using profanity directly towards a civilian. The member received a reduction in grade to E-1 and a reprimand.

An administrative discharge is the separation of an Airman from the Air Force, either voluntarily or involuntarily. An administrative discharge is characterized in one of three ways:  honorable, other than honorable (general), and under other than honorable conditions.

A senior airman received an honorable discharge resulting from a failure to maintain fitness standards.

Commanders tailor decisions on each punishment to the circumstances, seriousness of offenses committed, and the member's past disciplinary history.