38 Vance Airmen selected for staff sergeant

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VANCE AIR FORCE BASE, Okla. -- The names of 38 Team Vance senior airmen were on the staff sergeant selection list released by the Air Force today.

They were among 16,506 Air Force wide selected for promotion to the first of the noncommissioned officer ranks.

The staff sergeant selection rate was 42.25 percent this cycle.

Among those selected at Vance, the 71st Operations Support Squadron had 18, the 71st Security Forces Squadron had six, the 71st Medical Operations Squadron had five, the 71st Force Support Squadron had three, the 71st Installation Support Squadron had three, the 71st Medical Support Squadron had one, the 71st Comptroller Squadron has one, and the 3rd Flying Training Squadron had one.

The staff sergeant selects are:
Steven Alderman, 71st Security Forces Squadron
Matthew Andrus, 71st Operations Support Squadron
Kibby Anglin, 71st OSS
James Atwell, 71st Force Support Squadron
Gary Bangs, 71st OSS
Erik Barrera, 71st SFS
Jessica Bartel, 71st OSS
David Bednara, 71st Medical Operations Squadron
Daniel Biggins, 71st SFS
Brandi Bilaski, 71st Medical Support Squadron
Brian Boarman, 71st OSS
Dustin Brannan, 71st OSS
Kalen Bruce, 71st Installation Support Squadron
Matthew Buhrke, 71st OSS
Whitley Collier, 71st OSS
Kyle Curran, 71st OSS
Joshua Daggett, 71st ISS
Jose Fernandez, 71st SFS
Anthony Franklin, 71st OSS
Martin Garland, 71st SFS
Toni Greka, 71st MDOS
Dejaun Harris, 71st FSS
Roderick Jones, 71st SFS
Sammantha Jones, 71st Comptroller Squadron
Christina Kamka, 71st MDOS
Chase Kelly, 71st OSS
Shiela Kilpatrick, 71st MDOS
James Kincaid, 71st OSS
David Kriner, 71st OSS
Lizzette Kriner, 3rd Flying Training Squadron
Lydia Krotzer, 71st MDOS
Zachary Paskovitch, 71st ISS
Jacob Pratt, 71st OSS
Karson Schaechterle, 71st OSS
Chase Schneider, 71st OSS
Willard Sonday, 71st OSS
Kissinger Tan, 71st OSS
Tameka Turner, 71st FSS