Boy Scout Troop 11 tours Vance, learns about mission up close

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Michael Skehan
  • 71st Operations Support Squadron

VANCE AIR FORCE BASE, Okla. -- Boy Scout Troop 11, sponsored by First United Methodist Church in Enid, toured Vance Air Force Base, Wednesday, July 31.

Boy Scouts of America prepare youth to make strong ethical and moral decisions throughout their lifetime. Troop 11 had the opportunity to see how their mission statement transitions into, not only military life, but adulthood.

Vance AFB was privileged to demonstrate to the Scouts how our mission and core values play an everyday role in accomplishing pilot training operations.

The tour Wednesday gave them an insider’s perspective into what the Air Force is at its core. Part of Troop 11’s visit demonstrated the teamwork it requires to overcome the challenges involved in graduating more than 350 pilots a year.

Troop 11 visited the radar approach control facility and tower to see the role of air traffic controllers at Vance AFB. The tour continued at the flying training squadrons where the Scouts experienced the virtual reality pilot simulators.

The purpose of the tour was to convey the importance of understanding that every person plays a part in the bigger mission.

While the tour was certainly a learning experience for the Scouts, it was important to have fun as well.

The final tour stop gave the Scouts a chance to take pictures and “pet-a-plane.” They had access to the flightline where they could touch and view aircraft. Additionally, they saw training flights up-close, in real-time.

The next time the Scouts see Vance training flights overhead, they will have a better understanding how those flights begin and end.