Team Vance is excellent in all we do!

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. George Truman
  • Chief, 71st Flying Training Wing Plans
Watch any professional athlete and you will see them exhibit focused precision as they practice and prepare for their next challenge. Team Vance has shown that same focused precision as we prepared for our upcoming Compliance Inspection.

On May 16, more than 115 inspectors and augmenters from Headquarters, Air Education and Training Command, will arrive at Vance AFB to "look deep" and evaluate our compliance to governing instructions, our mission areas and our command leadership.

Vance Airmen and our contract partners have dedicated hundreds of hours in preparation for the inspection. Every organization can be proud of the work they have accomplished.

We have examined compliance with Air Force Instructions using our self-inspection process. We have scrubbed student training methods to ensure our primary mission is razor-sharp, and we just finished a successful health service inspection of our 71st Medical Group.

With these efforts and more, each organization has settled into successful habit patterns as a commitment to ensure Team Vance can best accomplish its missions, and therefore achieve the best possible evaluation.

On May 23, the 71st Flying Training Wing leadership will receive an executive out-brief from the AETC Inspector General. They will hear the Wing's overall grade and the individual subordinate unit grades.

Those grades are largely considered to be the "scorecard" for commanders; however, all of our preparation has also paved a golden road to achievement for our successors.

Over the next several months there will be numerous job-changes. Because we have taken great strides in creating an atmosphere of sustained programs and a culture of compliance, our Wing is prepared to maintain this high level of excellence.

As an Air Force core value, we are mentored to refine "Excellent" programs into benchmark "Outstanding" programs and further strengthen the culture and habits that guarantee success. I thank everyone for their hard work.

Our leaders have created an outstanding environment in which we have successfully prepared for the inspection by looking deeply into the AFIs, making true excellence our goal. We are prepared to prove how we are "above and beyond." I congratulate everyone for their efforts.

Now is time to fine tune final preparations and put on our game face. Like sports professionals, we in the profession of arms have practiced and we have prepared. It is time to show the inspectors that Team Vance is excellent in all we do!