Have a SANE, safe and fun summer

  • Published
  • By Col. Richard Murphy
  • 71st Flying Training Wing vice commander
Team Vance, the summer heat may be late in arriving this year, but I know many are itching to enjoy the outdoors -- everything from home improvements to boating to backyard cookouts. These activities statistically involve more risk of injury and death.

So it's the perfect time to examine your activities in terms of risk and prevention. 

Most of you will have attended the Sane Summer Expo by the time you read this. Though the Expo could not possibly cover every activity Team Vance enjoys during the summer, it did highlight certain sports, recreation and base services. 

The idea was to get people to stop, think and discuss safety aspects of those summertime activities. I hope you were able to share some of your experiences, learn from others and give some extra thought about how you can prevent future accidents. 

I hope you were able to network - there are plenty of experienced people on base should you, for example, take up riding motorcycles this year. 

Integrate Operational Risk Management into your planning and keep an eye on travel fatigue. Use protective equipment, especially when trying something new. This is when being a great Wingman will pay huge dividends. 

Every day we assess risks for many tasks or activities. This summer, I'd like you to actively assess your activities instead of passively accepting the risks. More often than not, we think we're the only one at risk. In reality we're putting others in danger's way without giving them a vote in the process. This is most apparent if you drink and drive. 

You may think it is only your life you're risking, but let me be the first to tell you that it's not. It is your mission contribution, the workload of your unit and your impact on the lives of every man, woman and child you know. 

Drinking and driving is a crime, not a mistake. You will be prosecuted whether you hurt someone or not. Plan ahead for your transportation needs and arrive safely at your destination. 

Thank you again for everything you do each and every day. I look forward to having a fun and SANE summer with you!