Working, playing error free

  • Published
  • By Col Wade Johnson
  • 71st Flying Training Wing
Team Vance --
The Communications Squadron received a COMSEC (communications security) inspection this week and at the out brief it was announced that the official overall rating was "satisfactory." More importantly however, is the back-to-back error-free assessments (2002 and 2004) of the main account and three user accounts. The inspector has been conducting COMSEC assessments for 11 years and this is the first time in AETC that a COMSEC account has done this. He also provides the wing commander with a rating for the overall wing COMSEC posture that correlates to an IG rating system -- our "unofficial" rating for the past two assessments is "Outstanding."
As always, the CS is "all green," keeping Vance AFB's network secure, up and running and making sure we can continue accomplishing our mission, every day.
Great work by Major Folks and his team; I thank everyone who participated in this inspection, making it a smooth and very successful one for the wing. This gives us another feather to put in our cap.
More promotion news to report; three gentlemen assigned to the 5th FTS received word they can soon turn in their gold oak leaves for silver as the list for Lieutenant Colonel was released Tuesday. Congratulations on your promotion Majors Tom, Gallagher and Anderson. We are all very proud of you.
Are you looking for something to do tonight? We will be re-opening the officer's lounge with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 5:30 p.m. This ceremony will be followed by the first-ever, wing CRUD tournament. We have a brand new club to enjoy here, please take the opportunity to come out and see the recent changes and learn what our club has to offer you and your family.
Thank you Major Jara, for your hard work and time; all of Team Vance will benefit from your efforts of personalizing our club and creating the opportunity for a fun, get-together. I know it will be a great event for all involved and I hope the tradition not only continues, but becomes more commonplace.
Another competition Team Vance members will be involved in is the AETC championship golf tournament next week. Sunday, four members of Team Vance will be traveling to Lackland AFB to represent the 71st FTW. Good luck Majors Holthoff, Gallaugher and Burgart and Lt Aduddell; I know you will do Vance AFB proud as you compete in the command championship sports program.
As the summer's end is quickly approaching, the beginning of the school year is also. Tuesday our children will be heading back to school. In addition to increased traffic being on the road, we will need to watch for children walking to school, crossing the street and riding their bikes. Let's make sure we slow down in the school zones and allow ourselves some additional time to make it to work. This reminder also applies to the construction zones on and off the base. I know it can be frustrating at times and I appreciate your patience.
Please be aware of your surroundings and continue to be safe in everything that you do. We're in the home stretch for the 101 critical days of summer, Team Vance, we're doing great, keep up the momentum and have an enjoyable weekend.