Team Vance - you're the best

  • Published
  • By Col Mike Callan
  • 71st Flying Training Wing
Team Vance -- now the Boss knows what I already knew!
As I write this article Tuesday morning, the entire base is poised to welcome our boss, Maj Gen Buster Ellis, 19th Air Force commander, Randolph AFB, Texas, and his wife Sydney back to Vance AFB and Enid! General Ellis was the wing commander at Vance AFB from 1995-1997, and I believe this is his first trip back since departing in 1997. Many of you have worked very hard to guarantee General Ellis and his wife have a great time while they're here, and my crystal ball tells me that's EXACTLY what will happen.
The schedule, while VERY BUSY, gets both General Ellis and his wife out and about to let them meet and get to know Team Vance's STRONGEST asset -- our people and your expeditionary mindset! After some introductory briefings, we will take the Ellises on a base tour to reacquaint them with the base and the many changes that have occurred since they left. General Ellis will have several "CC Calls" with the base's senior leadership, enlisted and officer corps. He will have toured many of our facilities and met the people including the clinic, many Support Group locations, DynCorp MX, several Ops Group locations and will have flown on a T-38C with the 25 Flying Training Squadron and a T-1A Jayhawk with the 32 FTS.
Finally, they will have seen senior community officials that were/are friends of the Ellises and witness their continued support to Team Vance and our very important mission. General Ellis will have had the chance to give several media interviews, and on Thursday afternoon, will have departed back to Randolph AFB knowing what I already knew -- you are the BEST! Your continued dedication to our mission is remarkable, and the safe way you go about your daily duties makes me VERY PROUD of everything you do to make Vance AFB a great place to serve our nation.
The HOT and (at least this week) dry conditions remind me to remind all of you to keep hydrated, stay inside if possible and watch out for each other as you safely perform your duties. Thanks again for your efforts and enjoy your weekend!