Use HAWC, fitness centers for summer exercise

Vance Air Force Base, Okla. -- Happy Friday Team Vance!
Monday marks the official start of summer even though it feels like summer has been here for several weeks. In addition to getting longer, the days become increasingly hotter. As the heat becomes more unbearable we are forced to spend more time indoors avoiding it. While we do what we can to avoid the heat, we still have to stay in shape. In fact, staying in shape helps our bodies cope with the summer weather.
If you are used to exercising outdoors like I do, the timeframe to do so safely is dwindling as Black Flag weather conditions are becoming a daily occurrence. During Black Flag it is highly recommended that non-mission essential tasks stop until the condition drops. If you do have to be outside during this period, drink plenty of water and periodically allow time to rest. While working out is mission essential, especially with the Chief of Staff's "Fit to Fight" emphasis, it is not something you have to do outside. We have the best fitness center in the command.
Because I care about the safety and well-being of all Team Vance people, I want to let you know about the outstanding summer programs available to you at the fitness and health and wellness centers so you can take advantage of them to get in shape or better shape, or to stay in shape, but most importantly, to do so safely. There are Team Vance members that train right here on base for marathons, triathlons and weight-lifting competitions. Many other Team Vance people are working with our fitness experts creating their own personal fitness program. No matter your current level of physical fitness, your goals can become a reality here starting with an appointment at the HAWC. Make your appointment today.
There are way too many activities to list here today but I challenge you to create personal fitness goals and find out what program and tools Vance Air Force Base has available to help you meet all of them. I am confident you will find what you are looking for quite easily.
Stay safe this summer in all activities and start looking into our free, top-of-the-line, fitness programs today. I look forward to seeing you at the gym.