Team Vance input helps AETC team

  • Published
  • By Col Mike Callan
  • 71st Flying Training Wing
Team Vance--Thank you for another outstanding week and what a week it has been.
The HQ AETC fact-finding team arrived on Tuesday to gather some details on sexual assault. Col Herb Foret (team chief) and his team conducted a plethora of individual and group feedback sessions, and most of Team Vance was asked to complete a survey on the same topic. Recent events at the USAF Academy and Sheppard AFB have highlighted the need for our institution to be educated on this criminal topic, and our USAF is committed to dedicating our educational and processing resources to effectively deal with it. Your input was vital to give AETC and our USAF a baseline for the "climate" at Vance AFB and how WE educate and deal with (if reported) a sexual assault incident.
While Vance AFB has not had a reported case in more than two years, sexual assault is a serious crime and, if reported, Team Vance will respond appropriately to this criminal act--namely swiftly, discreetly and compassionately. For now, if anyone in Team Vance is made aware of a sexual assault, calling the Law Enforcement desk @ x7415 should be your first action. I'm confident that this one phone call will start our process to begin the investigation, while simultaneously taking care of the victim/witness. To be clear, sexual assault IS a crime, and if substantiated, the assaulter WILL face serious disciplinary action under the UCMJ.
Again, please continue to do your VITAL mission effectively BUT safely. As I drive around our great base, I am constantly impressed by your dedication to our mission of "Expeditionary Air Warriors Training Tomorrow's Leaders"-have a great