Meet my Air Force FAMILY

  • Published
  • By Maj. Dorinda Mazza
  • 71st Comptroller Squadron commander
The Air Force family ... may sound cliché to some; but when I think of what my Air Force family means to me, I think of all the wonderful people I've met, the places I've been, the missions I've supported and the opportunities the Air Force way of life has afforded me.

I break down the word family as -- Fellow Airmen, Mission, Improvement, Legacy and Yin and Yang.

Fellow Airmen: I'm devoted to serving my fellow Airmen and their families. As written in our creed, never leave an Airman behind. I view that not only from the physical standpoint, but in the intellectual and emotional perspectives as well. If you see an Airman who is going through a rough time, take the time to show concern and guide them to the right helping agency. If an Airman needs training because he or she is not excelling in their duties, take the time to provide training and mentorship.

Furthermore, if an Airman simply needs help finding or staying on the right path, have the courage to confront him or her and be a true Wingman.

Mission: I'm dedicated to the Air Force Mission or Fly, Fight and Win! As I move from one base to another, the wing, group and squadron mission statements differ, but all are ultimately in support of our Air Force mission. If you truly understand and connect with how you support the mission, it makes it much easier to stay committed to it.

Improvement: I'm committed to improving, not only myself but my organization. To improve upon my skills and abilities means I have to take the initiative to continue honing my skills to be a better Airman and financial manager. It also includes sharing that knowledge to help improve the Airmen who work for me. I find ways to improve my organization as well, whether it's creating efficient processes, sprucing up the work environment, or simply helping build morale.

Legacy: I'm faithful to a legacy of valor. It is a privilege to serve in the United States Air Force, and it's an honor to defend our freedoms. It takes courage to raise your right hand and recite the oath. Our legacy is about duty, service, pride and honor. It's being faithful to those who have gone before us and being an example to those who follow in our footsteps.

Yin and Yang: This one may seem a bit odd, but it's how I see my Air Force experience. I embrace all the experiences the Air Force provides. Just as in life, you have to experience sadness and frustration in order to know joy and success. The Air Force has taught me ways to persevere through the challenging times, like a remote overseas tour; while cherishing the good times, like celebrating an Airman's success. Focusing on the good times, like the camaraderie, the people, the families, the places and the hard work put in to accomplish the mission, can make for a positive Air Force experience.

I'm proud to serve along professionals and am dedicated to serving my Air Force FAMILY.