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Lt. Col. Michael T. Kirkpatrick, 71st Flying Training Wing Inspector General
Combating fraud, waste and abuse
Fraud, waste and abuse quietly drain resources away from our Wing, impacts the Air Force’s mission capability and ultimately hits the taxpayer in the pocketbook.
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Lt. Col. Tam Dinh, 71st Medical Operations Squadron commander
Balance is key to success
Many people have asked me how I define success as a career Airman, a wife and a mother of three children. I simply reply – balance.
0 12/07
Tech. Sgt. April Horn, Vance Legal Office NCO in charge What is your story?
This past Veterans Day I had the opportunity to meet heroes that paved the way for us to serve our great country.
0 12/05
Lt. Col. Lance Hofer, 71st Flying Training Wing director of Inspections Every Airman is a sensor
Every Airman performs an important role in fulfilling the 71st Flying Training Wing’s mission of developing Airmen, delivering pilots, and deploying warriors.
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Col. Kirsten Benford, 71st Medical Group commander
Take care of your people
In the Air Force, we have many ways to take care of our people. A few that come to mind are mentoring, grooming, counseling and recognition.
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Lt. Col. Deirdre Gurry, 71st Flying Training Wing Safety chief
Do you have a plan?
We talk about having “successful careers” all the time, but you cannot measure success without first having a goal. Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation.
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Lt. Col. Curt Castillo, 5th Flying Training Squadron commander
Why I serve
I decided to serve because I wanted to honor Captain Mickelson, Colonel Silva, General Risner and Airmen like them. Airmen who have served with integrity, selflessness and excellence before these were Air Force Core Values.
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Lt. Col. Michael Drost, 71st Operations Support Squadron commander
It's not a job -- it's a profession
A job is a specific task with a defined beginning and a defined end. A profession is part of you - it helps define who you are. It is personal and your unique individualism contributes to it.
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Maj. Nathan Harley Mayenschein, 71st Flying Training Wing Staff Judge Advocate Military justice -- supporting the mission of national defense
One of the many reasons the U.S. military is second to none is the unique construct of the military justice system.
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Maj. Christopher Jackson, 71st Security Forces Squadron commander None of us can make it alone
None of us make it through our military experience without the help of a significant amount of others -- who are often smarter and more talented than we will ever know until they are called upon in a time of need.
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