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Maj. Christopher Jackson, 71st Security Forces Squadron commander None of us can make it alone
None of us make it through our military experience without the help of a significant amount of others -- who are often smarter and more talented than we will ever know until they are called upon in a time of need.
0 9/19
Senior Master Sgt. Christopher Calhoun, 71st Flying Training Wing Staff Agencies superintendent
Working to achieve excellence in all we do
We hear the Air Force Core Values referenced so often that we know them by heart -- at least we should. But do we really work to live them every day?
0 6/01
Lt. Col. David Loveless, the 71st Medical Operations Squadron commander at Vance Air Force Base, Oklahoma, during his recent climb of Cayambe, an extinct volcano that is the third highest mountain in Ecuador. In his commentary, Loveless writes about a presence -- a “third man” – that climbers in trouble often report kept them going when they were ready to give up. He suggests you can be that third man when your Wingman is in crisis. (Courtesy photo) The third man – help in times of crisis
The "third man," an unseen presence, is thought to be everything from a guardian angel to a built in coping mechanism. The third man commonly appears during situations that encompass social isolation, extreme cold and high altitudes -- times of great need where the outcome is life or death.
0 5/18
Lt. Col. Bryan Elder, 8th Flying Training Squadron commander Recipe for innovative Airmen
In the very rigid and syllabus-constrained environment of Undergraduate Pilot Training, I keep looking for that one “golden nugget,” the one “best practice,” the one flight commander that obviously had a new and innovative way to produce the world’s best warriors for victory in the air.
0 5/11
Lt. Col. Michael Kirkpatrick, 71st Flying Training Wing Inspector General IG – your ombudsman in fixing what’s wrong
The Inspector General works on your behalf to assist with your problems. What type of problems? Practically anything.
0 5/05
Lt. Col. Scott Linck, 71st Student Squadron commander The pursuit of happiness
When facing transitions and challenges we find ourselves falling into habit. We put one foot in front of the other as we march through the tough times, hoping that once we overcome the current challenge we can again find time for happiness.
0 4/06
Maj. Christopher Jackson, 71st Security Forces Squadron commander Ordinary heroes do extraordinary things
During my time in the military, I have seen many examples of ordinary people who have changed the world for the better.
0 3/21
Chief Master Sgt. Peter Speen, 71st FTW command chief 10,383 days of Service, Excellence, Integrity – 602 to go
VANCE AIR FORCE BASE, Okla. -- By the time this article is posted, I will have served my country and the United States Air Force for 10,383 days. It seems like yesterday when I strolled into the recruiter’s office in Auburn, New York. I wanted a job with benefits, and what I got was a lifetime membership in a club called the Profession of Arms.
0 3/08
Lt. Col. Deirdre Gurry, Chief of Safety, 71st Flying Training Wing Finding a mentor, becoming a mentor
Mentorship is a hot topic in the Air Force. Becoming a mentor is as important as finding one.
0 3/02
Chief Master Sgt. Melvina Smith, 71st Mission Support Group superintendent Dare to be an adaptable
If you have been in the Air Force a couple of years you have probably heard the saying “Adapt and overcome” a time or two. There is a reason for that. Change is inevitable.
0 2/24
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